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Barbara Burnett Actress/Vocalist/Writer Barbara Burnette is a phenomenally multi-talented vocalist, actress and writer who has co-hosted and hosted TV shows including her own which received a "Viewers' Choice Award" and nominations for "Inspiration" and "Comedy".

Barbara started and worked many years as a petite and parts model until she was bitten by the acting bug, and music soon followed.

Always enjoying writing, in recent years, after noticing on her original audition application that she possess this interest, she was asked by the Writer/Director/Producer of "Black Coffee", the soap opera in which she plays a dual role, to co-write a movie project. She is also writing an inspirational book of some of her life experiences and lessons. Click on the following links The Power of A Smile & Tips for a Good Life to read excerpts from her book in progress titled, From Me to You, Tips from My Life's Experiences and Lessons; Read and Learn, Grasshopper.

Barbara believes in grasping the right opportunities and is open, available and welcomes relocation and travel in order to not only receive but to give and be an asset.

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