The Power of A Smile

In the list of little things that you should not underestimate, a smile should be added - yes, a single smile. Your first thought may be in an agreement for the most part. More than likely you may think that a smile is something pleasant to receive and doesn't extend too far beyond that. But, aaaaahhhh it can be so much more. Allow me to share with you one of my experiences and the impact of receiving a smile. Surely if it had such a powerful impact on me, there are others who have had something similar happen to them. It was mid morning or early afternoon and as I was in the midst of running an errand, I was feeling so down about a lot of things in my life that were not going as I wanted them to. In this early part of the day, I was bordering being depressed and felt confidently that I would feel that awful feeling for the rest of the day, maybe the next day and the day after that. In the parking lot of a shopping strip center, I started to walk across the path of a car that was approaching too rapidly. I slowed my walk, took a couple of steps back and looked at the driver to acknowledge her and indicate that I was not attempting to be rude. She brought her car to a stop, motioned to me to cross, and smiled. It seemed so simple. It was in that moment of receiving her smile that something magic happened. My spirits immediately lifted and all traces of the blues, depression, feeling down or anything there of dissipated. I returned with a smile of my own. It was the least I could do for this perfect stranger who had brought me out of a dismal time with a mere flash of a smile.

I crossed her path and proceeded to my destination as she slowly drove off and got on with her day.

God used her to sprinkle his warm, comforting mist upon my spirit. That happened about eight or nine years ago to this writing and it is still one of my most treasured and phenomenal experiences. One of the many gifts from God, a smile, so small yet registered with an impact that positively changed my entire day and maybe more days ahead, and allowed me to pass on good things to others and get on with my day and life, minus the negativity.

I'm sure that this lady who smiled freely without giving it a second thought has no idea the difference she made in that split second. As with her, you never know how you may be positively changing something for someone. So, keep smiling.