Tips for a Good Life

Continue to rise, and never give up.

Realize that there are no limits, only those you put on yourself. Don't allow others to put them on you. Be it Mother, Father, Sister, Brother, Pastor, Priests, Rabbi, Minister or friend. They may mean well but only God is the divine Guidance Advisor.

Never stop giving, be it money, love, time, joy, smiles, hugs, kisses, encouragement, positivity, inspiration, motivation.

Give for the joy of giving and don't look for a return. Then, the return will be abundant.

Love all people, and know that judgement is for God only. Everyone sins, the less the better. But realize that a person's sins are between them and God, not them and you. Pray to be God's vessel and know the joy of being his instrument as you relax in your trust of him. Use your God given talents. Do what you love to do because you love to do it. You have been blessed with gifts and talents to share with others. Do not be overly concerned about receiving compensation for them. God will see that you are paid. Know that achieving finances is not the only success. If you have managed to, for the most part, keep your sanity among the worldly insanity, that is an achievement. Everyone does not manage this. If you are close to God, that is a spiritual accomplishment. If you have peace within, that is a wonderful accomplishment, so many do not. If you are healthy physically, mentally and spiritually, that is success in single to triple-fold. Trust that if things don't work out a certain way, maybe its for the best, and God has a better plan for you.